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Travel for a long time has been associated with leisure and pleasure. But with the world evolving at such a fast pace, travel is now also being recognized for its versatile qualities and reasons. People these days are quite efficient in planning a great tour all by themselves, but we are still better. As a Tours and travel agency in Madurai, we offer a deluge of travel and tourism services right from the inception of your plan to get you back to your humble abodes. Planning a tour, especially a long tour really takes a toll on you. You not only have to make reservations and bookings but you also have to ensure that everything fits in your budget. We know it’s a hassle! But why go through hours and hours of research to find the most optimum plan and itinerary when we are here to take care of everything for you

Ramya Tours and Travels is a professional team with over 10 years of experience in travel-related services and offers the  Tours and travel agency in Madurai.  We at Ramya Tours and Travels, the Tours and travel agency in Madurai, do maintain a very cordial relationship with quality hotels and resorts where service is tested and you get a good value for money rate. With the transport provider, the drivers are given regular briefings on defensive driving and guest handling procedures, in addition to their personal hygiene.  Years of working experience in the hospitality industry gives the best tours and travels in Madurai team the winning edge in anticipating guests' needs and fulfilling them without compromising the quality of the services.    


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One day tour packages

We are the Tours and travel agency in Madurai, offering a one-day trip to the hill station.  A trip to the hill station is incomplete without enjoying the local cuisine. It is a matter of great pride for the locals that their local food is famous throughout the country. During your trip, you are sure to have a hearty meal at the local hotels, which will give you a taste of their typical dishes.  You can visit the Botanical Garden and Flower Show in Kodaikanal with the Tours and travel agency in Madurai, where you can see many exotic flowers and plants. A walk through the garden, as you spot all the beautiful and exotic flora, is sure to provide you with the much-needed relaxation that you might be looking for. 

You can also visit Kodaikanal Lake. 

Holiday tour packages

Our holiday tour packages in Madurai offer a wide range of options. You can select from the numerous destinations in Tamil Nadu according to your convenience with the Tours and travel agency in Madurai. All our tours to various tourist places are conducted in a hygienic, comfortable, and safe manner. Our best Tours and travel agency in Madurai also make it feasible by providing a proper itinerary and schedule. We make sure that you get to visit all the top attractions of the city with peace of mind. In Tamilnadu, many destinations are very popular, such as Kodaikanal, Ooty, Rameshwaram, Sholingur, Kallakurichi, Cauvery, Salem, Kodaikanal, Palani, Poonamalai, Kariakal, and Paravur. In the rest of India, places like Bagdogra, Pune, Thiruvananthapuram, the cities of Jammu and Kashmir, etc., are popular tourist destinations. Poonamalle and Vanalaram are also famous. Rameshwaram is located in the middle of the sea. Rameshwaram is 25 kms. away from Thanjavur by road. Swami Rock is the place where the saint Sadasiva Brahman had his darshan of Lord Rama. This is a miraculous rock, which at once disappeared below the sea and reappeared at Rameshwaram. 

Honeymoon tour packages

Choose an exciting destination that corresponds to your fantasies! Leave everything else behind and celebrate your everlasting bond with honeymoon tour packages to the Tours and travel agency in Madurai Want to go on a honeymoon with a difference? Then why not go on a honeymoon with the Tours and travel agency in Madurai, in the most beautiful country on the planet, India? India has come of age as a honeymoon destination and is quite rightly called “the land of romance,” and you can find that place and that bit of magic in Shimla. The city, which is a playground for those in search of adventure, Shimla is romantic and exciting. And what better way to start off your married life in a tension-free and carefree manner than in the beautiful and picturesque North Indian town of Shimla? You can enjoy your dream honeymoon with your partner in paradise on earth with the Tours and travels agency in Madurai. Just pour your heart out to your beloved, and this beautiful place will help you do that. The Himalayas rising above the buildings and gardens is the most thrilling sight that anyone can wish for. Shimla has the best of both worlds. With its vibrant and truly romantic atmosphere, it is one of the most sought-after honeymoon destinations. 

Pilgrimage tour packages

Ramya Tours and Travels offers Pilgrimage  Special Tour Packages with the Tours and travel agency in Madurai, especially designed for those who seek spiritual peace. The ultimate purpose of the spiritual journey is to timate purpose of the spiritual journey is to embrace world peace, harmonies the inner self. locate one’s true self, develop a deep understanding of the Supreme being , strive hard to attain eternal bliss. In the last three decades, on this sacred land of the great guru, people from all walks of life and religion, rich and poor, have come, and their lives have been transformed. The rich have become richer, the poor have become happy, and the devotees have found the true meaning of life. Swami Vivekananda has said: “There is no need to seek the truth. The Seeker is the truth. The truth is not out there. Seek it in your heart, and you will find the truth you are seeking.” 

 This is the essence of this pilgrimage special tour package by Tours and travel agency in Madurai. Explore and experience the glory of the Sahasralinga. Explore and experience the glory of the Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram with the Tours and travel agency in Madurai on a safe and comfortable ride. Tours and travel agency in Madurai offer affordable prices for your pilgrimage tour packages. Darshan of Lord Padmanabha and Ambal with Pooja.

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                             “What you see is what you really pay.” 

Our best tours and travels in Madurai simplify car rentals, so you can focus on what’s important to you. 

  • The cost of fuel is included.  Don’t worry about mileage! All fuel costs are included. If you refill fuel, we’ll pay you back! 
  • Taxes and fees may vary by city and state. You don’t have to worry about hidden fees. 
  • Everyone Gets a Discount Ramya Tours and Travels offers great discounts for seniors, students, servicemembers, and corporate travel. 

 There are no surprises when it comes to the best tours and travel in Madurai. 

  • We’ll never charge you a fee for making changes to your reservation, and you’ll get your money back if you need to cancel your reservation. 
  • There are no hidden fees. 

 Our prices include taxes and insurance. 

  • Packages with variable pricing by the best tours and travels in Madurai.  

One size never fits all! 

  • 24-Hour Roadside Assistance We have round-the-clock, pan-India partners. Help is never far away from you. 
We simplified car rentals, so you can focus on what's important to you.


Fuel Cost Included

Don’t worry about mileage! All fuel costs are included. If you refill fuel, we’ll pay you back!

No Hidden Charges

Our prices include taxes and insurance.
What you see is what you really pay!

Flexi Pricing Packages

One size never fits all! Choose a balance of time and kilometers that works best for you.

24x7 Roadside Assistance

We have round-the-clock, pan India partners. Help is never far away from you.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Finding a reliable Best tours and travel agency in Madurai, especially in the city where you are crowded with a number of agents selling you the same gimmicks, is really difficult. But with our exceptional and unique packages, we have hit the right spot in the tours and travels industry. If you are in the heart of South India, Madurai, looking for a tour operator, then look no more. You have reached just the right place! Ramya travels in Madurai is the answer to all your problems. We are the best in the field and we have shown it time and again with our ‘Beyond Anything’ care packages that are customized personally for you so you don’t have to pay for something that you know you won’t enjoy. We deeply understand the need for travel and how it can impact one’s life. Traveling alone to an unknown destination away from all the harsh realities of the world is sometimes all you need to move on in your life. Our packages are designed in a way that whatever your concern or reason for travel is, we make sure that you don’t regret anything. After all, life is just too short to have so many regrets!
    You must be wondering why Ramya tours and travels are the best when there are thousands of others out there with better packages, but there are really not! Those are just words, but we act on those words through our innovative services! As one of the oldest tour operators in Madurai, we have seen it all. We know what it takes to keep a company standing and we have been doing it for decades and will continue to do so for decades to come. The best company is the one that recognizes that it is because of its pillars- its employees and customers, that they have made a good standing. We treat all our pillars with care just the way we have been doing since our inception. It’s one of the reasons why we are so good at what we do.
    Now, even choosing a travel agency is a task because you are trusting them to make your quality time special. But, it doesn’t really have to be that difficult. Yes, numbers speak a lot, but there’s more to a company than just the number of people they have served. When choosing a Travel agency, the foremost and most important thing to look out for is quality and not quantity. Read the reviews, talk to their guests and employees, focus on the details, and you’ll know all that you have to know about the company. We care about you! We care and that shows in our services which is why people always come back for more.